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The incident took place on 5 September in an apartment in Lara district of Muratpaşa district. Gökhan Diker settled in the hotel with his friend Musa Çevik (40) for a holiday.

The two friends decided to take a walk in the evening on the same day. Gökhan Diker got out of his room before his friend and started to wait in the garden of the hotel. Meanwhile, two pitbull dogs, allegedly fed in specially built cages at the entrance of the apartment, were released and attacked Gökhan Diker.

Gökhan Diker, who fought with the dogs for about 10 minutes, was bitten in the arm, abdomen and legs and was injured. Gökhan Diker was saved thanks to his friend Musa Çevik, who realized the situation. p>

While Diker was discharged after his treatment, the owner of the business and the dogs Y.Ş. He went to the police to complain about him.

Terror attack with a bomb-laden vehicle in Afrin Dünya

40 stitches, 100 needles

His incident was sent to Demirören News Agency (DHA). Gökhan Diker said that his body had 40 stitches and 100 needles due to this attack. Diker said, “I went on vacation on September 5th. I was waiting for my friend in the garden of the hotel. 2 pitbulls, the dog of the hotel, suddenly attacked me and bit various parts of my body. The owner of the hotel attacked me as he left the dogs from his cage. When I called out to me, “Gökhan”, this time the dogs turned to him, I got away like that. This could be a child or a woman and they could have died. I came to a very difficult situation. My friend went down, rescued me and took me to the car and went to the hospital. 100 pins were shot at each seam. I have 40 stitches now. ”

‘They reported dogs as shepherd dogs’

Explaining that his psychology deteriorated afterwards, Gökhan Diker said, “Currently, I still have fear and I am receiving psychological treatment. I could not get out of my fear at night. I filed a lawsuit. Yesterday, my lawyer even called, he went to the hotel where the incident took place In our case, even their statements were not taken from the scene of the incident and no report was kept regarding the incident. They reported the dogs that attacked me as shepherd dogs. ”

‘It developed out of my control’

After the incident, Y.Ş., the owner of the dogs and the hotel manager. In his statement to the police, “I was walking the shepherd dogs and my dogs were suddenly released. And he attacked a person named Gökhan Diker. One of my dog ​​bit Diker until I went to the person. I went to the person very quickly and took my dog. I have no intention of anything, it was completely out of my control. He said, “I will cover whatever damage Gökhan Diker has, I have no complaints about this incident.

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