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Highlights from Minister Çavuşoğlu’s statement are as follows:

When we came to 2018, our first drilling activities in the region started. This happened 7 years after the drilling by the Greek Cypriot administration.

We made an agreement with the official government of Libya. policy advisors in Turkey and Greek leaders have made many meetings. As a result, we made a decision to take confidence-building measures among our military and our armies. We were going to make a joint statement on August 7th.

But a short while ago, unfortunately, Greece approved the agreement with Egypt and took a step towards entering an agreement with us. So Greece is not ready to enter into dialogue with Turkey.

I was in Malta, we also made a declaration about immigration on 18 March. Mr. Merkel’s advisors were also there. After learning these, they were disappointed. We started our work after Greece lost its credibility.

They started harassing the Turkish minority in Western Thrace as well. These people are innocent people. We supported Germany’s mediation activities. I also agreed to meet with the Greek Foreign Minister. But the Greek side refused.

We responded positively to the statement made by the NATO Secretary General on 3 September. But Greece said yes from the beginning, but after the secretary general explained this, they said no.

We are ready for dialogue without prerequisites. If Greece is stubborn, then we insist on our own prerequisites.

Dear members of the European Parliament and my dear friends; Turkey’s position is consistent with international law.

It is absolutely necessary to make an agreement with the maritime jurisdictions of the countries. And the Greek islands, which are on the wrong side of this middle line, and the islands that are on our side, should not be given economic exclusive space at this point. yeni adresi olarak belirlendi. giriş işlemini yaptıktan sonra üye olarak %100 Hoşgeldin ödülü kazanabilirsin.

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