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H.A., who lives in Erzene Neighborhood, allegedly behaved in an interesting manner because she was disturbed by the voices of children studying in the kindergarten right across her house. HA. ‘We do not want this kindergarten in our neighborhood, which disturbs the peace and quiet of our neighborhood, as Professors Site, the most quiet and tranquil district of Izmir,’ hung a banner on its balcony. Teachers and parents, who came to the school last Wednesday, were surprised when they saw the banner and reacted to HA.

“Human feels that there is Azrael on the neck” Health

Kindergarten owner Hasan Taçgel (37), “Our school has been operating at the same point for 10 years. We have been running for 4 years. and a school with full licenses, ”he said. Stating that students only go out to the garden for 2 hours a day, Taçgel said, “Our children only play in the garden for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. We tried to meet with our neighbor who hung the banner, but we did not get a positive response. We cannot communicate.” We have not had a problem with any of our neighbors until today. We are in awe. There are 28 private kindergartens and 7 colleges in the region. They all have licenses and permits. We are a licensed institution and we have nothing to do. We will continue to bring our children to the Turkish community in a modern way. Some of them also posted on social media. The view of a person who does not love children will not be positive.

‘Muhittin Böcek’s last PCR test was negative. Politics


Saying that they were shocked when they saw the banner, school principal Deniz Yeşil said, “See the banner with the sign of our duty teacher. I was very shocked and surprised. I thought it might be a joke, but when I saw it wasn’t, I was sorry. Our children were away from school for a long time because of the process we went through. They were excited to start school again. However, this banner slightly reduced our excitement for all of us. I hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen anywhere. He said, “Let it be the first and the last. Frankly, it went very hard and I shared that banner on social media. Children aged 3-6 come to this school. How uncomfortable can a child’s voice be We have to be respectful to each other. Since we are healthcare professionals with my husband, we witnessed many things in the following period. But this situation was very difficult, “he said.

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