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The 43-year-old woman, whose testimony was taken, stated that the 43-year-old woman, who was learned to be a Jimlasticist, lost her balance and fell from the balcony while trying to make an acrobatic move on the balcony bars after she had taken alcohol. In order to determine the exact cause of death, the police removed Kuzyk’s body to the forensic medicine institution.

In the mysterious death incident in Şişli Fulya District, Aşçılar Street, Larysa Kuzyk, a Turkish citizen of Ukrainian origin, met with two friends in the evening. During the conversation, Kuzyk went out to the balcony after a while. According to the report of Milliyet, Larysa Kuzyk, who was learned to be an ex-gymnast, started to perform acrobatic movements by climbing the balcony iron, with the effect of alcohol, according to the allegations of her friends. moment it lost its balance and fell from the 7th floor.

It has been wanted for 7 days! In this case, the bulundutürki

​​The seriously injured woman was taken to the friends called to the hospital by ambulance. Despite all the interventions, he could not be saved and died.

In the investigation initiated by the prosecutor after the incident recorded as suspect death, the statements of the friends of the 43-year-old woman who were at home during the incident were taken.

To take a stand we worked but … “

” He was doing acrobatics. He suddenly lost his balance. We try to keep it, but we could “also learned that two friends of the autopsy until the prosecutor’s office released öğrenilirken report, expected future results from the Forensic Medicine Institute for the exact cause of death.

Ministers critical call from Cavusoglu! Turkey

The incident started when studies It was learned that the Crime Scene Investigation teams, who evaluated all possibilities, conducted extensive investigations at the house and the body will be examined according to the angle of the fall made on the body of the British intelligence agent who fell from the window of the house where he stayed in Beyoğlu last year.

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