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In the statement made by the Governor’s Office, it was stated that the Provincial General Hygiene Board, which convened under the chairmanship of Governor Mehmet Makas, took various decisions in order to prevent the epidemic throughout the province, as the failure to comply with the measures, especially the physical distance rule, increases the rate of spread of the disease and puts the public health at risk.

National Defense Minister mites and commanders kaş’tatürki to

in this context, aged 65 and 11.00-18.00 citizens with chronic diseases over the explanation given place that the prohibition of the curfew, the market place for these people, shopping centers, clubs and associations buildings, clubhouses It has been announced that they will not be allowed to attend their entrances, funerals, weddings and wedding ceremonies.

‘Coronavirus man-made, my report is ready’ notified required In the statement, which was recorded that the measures were taken, it was emphasized that those who do not comply with the decisions will be given administrative fines.

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In a statement, according to the state’s violation of the laws of the relevant articles of the inactivity of the Criminal Code relating to matters of criminal behavior transferred to decide the initiation of necessary legal proceedings covered 195 agent.

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