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The incident occurred on the beach of La Zurriola in San Sebastian, Spain. A woman who tested positive for coronavirus went to the beach where she worked as a lifeguard and went into the sea to surf. The coworkers of the woman called the police when they saw that the woman had entered the sea although the virus test was positive.

The police came in protective clothes

Police teams came to the beach and asked the woman to get out of the water he warned. Later, the infected woman was detained. In the images shared on social media, it was seen that the woman was detained after being handcuffed by officers wearing protective clothing. People who are released from quarantine and detained in Spain are fined up to 6 thousand Euros (52 thousand 970 TL). If it is detected that the person leaving the quarantine infects another person with coronavirus, this penalty can increase up to 110 thousand Euros (882 thousand TL).

The expression has frozen blood! He thought the man he killed the pig! Turkey

latest situation in Spain

Here’s according to the latest data, 525 thousand 459 cases in Spain. While there has been an increase in cases in the country in recent days; It was announced that the total loss of life was 29 thousand 516. yeni adresinden giriş yapabilirsiniz. başarılı bir site ancak sizlere

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